ASCENDANT was originally formed in 2006 under the name Amorém by Levi Rauff, Kristoffer Vammen, Josua Poulsen and Thomas Langvad. Later in 2009 Jens Grønhøj was asked to join on bass and backup vocals.


After a couple of years with a few concerts and two well-recieved tracks, we felt, that we had evolved as a band and began talking about changing the name. It was not up until the release of our debut album that the name-change became reality. It gave us a clean slate from where we could set the course of our music. The title is therefore not only a headline to the lyrical theme of the album but also a statement: That we have changed as a band and are now looking forward.


We used the facilities of BM MUSIC studios in Vadum, Denmark. We had two weeks to record 11 songs. One week were spent on recording instruments, and the other week on vocals, acoustic guitars, and spoken words.

    The album is mixed by Levi Rauff and mastered by Eric Thordsson from Sweden. Furthermore we had three artists, Benedicte Kolberg, Peter Poulsen and Rune Elkjær, contributing with artwork.

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Between THE ALTERATION and the next release there was a break due to band-members being abroad. When everyone finally was back in Denmark we decided to record and release a single called “WHEN WE BLINDLY FOLLOW THE ENIGMA”.

Unfortunately Thomas Langvad had decided that his time in the band had ended and would not take part in the recordings. We all respected his choice and are still close friends. Nevertheless “WHEN WE BLINDLY FOLLOW THE ENIGMA” was released June 28th 2013 and was well received by our fans.

The track was mixed and mastered by Levi Rauff who also made most of the artwork.


After the release of “WHEN WE BLINDLY FOLLOW THE ENIGMA” we wanted to make another big release. But the time was not right for a full-length album, so we decided to release an EP with 3 or 4 tracks. When we was asked to play at ELEMENTS OF ROCK we had a deadline and so we began writing again.

    The EP was recorded during February and Marts 2014 in Levi’s home studio “THE UNDERWORLD”. Originally we decided only to include three tracks, one of which was the single we released almost a year ago, but in the final days of recording a quick decision was made to include SERENE on the EP to.

    The artwork concept was given to us by a close friend of the band; Kim Song Sternkopf, and the final artwork was created by Levi Rauff.

    SERENITY was released at ELEMENTS OF ROCK Marts 15th 2014.